Meet Tony

Tony Emma is a PGA Golf professional and he has extensive experience working with golfers from all over the world. His extraordinary understanding of the golf swing allow him to teach people of all ages and skills. One of his main assets is his ability to communicate properly, clearly and to always help his students understand the corrections that would be most beneficial to improving their game. 

Tony Emma is a lifetime member of the PGA, he has 25 years of experience as a class A professional, with more than 20000 golf lessons given to his students and more than 1000 full day golf schools, he is one of the best and most experienced golf teachers out there.

Tony has returning students from all over the world, from countries like the UK, Dubai, Canada, United States, Philippines and Vietnam. Moreover, Tony Emma has created a “Play with a Pro” program whose primary focus is on offering people the opportunity to play with his at some of the most prestigious clubs in Las Vegas. This unique opportunity offers clients the course strategies and on-course tips to make a great and memorable golf experience.

Why should you choose Tony Emma as a golf instructor?

The primary thing that makes Tony Emma stand out is that he can adapt his teaching and approach to the students unique swing and problems, he can teach you solid fundamentals which will make your overall game better and you will develop more confidence every time you practice and play. He will use video analysis to show the corrections that can most benefit the student to eliminate much of the frustration of tradition trial and error method. Tony will help you analyze your ball flight, so you will understand the corrections you need to make while practicing or out on the course to save your round. His passion, enthusiasm and patience in the teaching process will amaze you and make you look forward to spending more time working on your game.
Contact Tony Emma today, so you can start improving your golf game, enjoying golf more and start shooting lower scores!

Contact Tony Emma today to start improving your golf game and start shooting lower scores tomorrow, while you increase your enjoyment of the great game of golf.

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