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Golf Instruction

If you’re in Las Vegas and would like to take lessons, Tony Emma, offers a range of different programs for you to choose from. Please take a look below to find the program that best fits your needs.

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Tony offers some of the latest technology available to help with your golf swing, book a lesson today and start the journey to improvement. 

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Private or Semi Private Golf Lessons

Individual lessons are offered by the hour. I do recommend you do a minimum of 90 minute lesson if your visiting Las Vegas and this is our first session together, this provides us adequate time to diagnose and work on changing your major or minor swing flaw or error. They can be on any area of the swing or short-game that you need help with. Typically, this type of lesson would be a great if you find yourself with limited time while in Las Vegas and you need help curing a slice, help with chipping or getting the ball out of bunkers etc. However if you would like to build a great golf swing, learn to be a better player on the course or work on achieving a specific goal in golf, full or half day lessons would be recommended and the best option for you.

Contact me with your travel dates and what you are hoping to work on and let’s get something booked. The Spring (March, April, May) and Fall (September, October, November) tend to book up quickly. 

Short Game School

Short Game School is all about scoring lower! You will learn the proper technique to pitch the ball in the air with confidence from different lies, chip the ball closer to the hole setting up more one putts. Tony will also teach you proper bunker technique  needed to hit high soft shots with confidence. The class wraps up with putting starting from proper setup, green reading, speed control and drills for short putting confidence.  

Half Day Golf School

A half day lesson is for someone who would like to take advantage of their time in Las Vegas but can’t get away for a full day lesson. Within this 1/2 day time-frame we will get a good start gaining better control of your swing. We could also touch on the short game or fix a hook or help cure your slice if need be. The knowledge you will receive will allow you to continue to work on your game on your own once you go back home.

Full Day Golf School

A full day lesson not only incorporates the full swing, short game, and it allows us some time to get on course for a few holes to cover basic course management, playing strategy, club selection and address some of the mental challenges of taking your swing from the range to the course. This is the best option if you are in Las Vegas for a short period of time but find yourself with a full day or two to devote to your golf. The information you will create immediate improvement in your game and provide you with all the tools you need to work on your game even after you’ve gone back home.

Playing Lessons

If you would like to learn better course management as well as how to play from different lies and situations, clear up any doubt about the differing strategy involved in playing par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. Lear how the best players pick their lines and targets, the importance of a Pre-Shot Routine, and many other keys to being successful on the course and shooting lower scores, you should definitely consider a playing lesson with Tony Emma. Tony’s “Play with a Pro’ program provides a unique opportunity to not only learn from PGA Professional but to actually play a round with an experienced professional giving you tips and feedback about all aspects of your game. And this will of course take place on some of Las Vegas’s finest golf courses.

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