Golf Clinics / Group Lessons

Do you have a group of friends who would like to learn golf together in a Fun and Educational environment? 
Maybe you are looking for a great team building event for your company or organization? 
Or it could be a simple as you and your group have a tee time at Siena Golf Club and would like a few tips before you tee off!

However you learn best, Tony has the best group golf lessons for you available in Las Vegas.  You can learn as a group with friends, family or  co-workers with lessons tailored to your groups individual needs and goals. Tony uses a common sense approach in his real grass teaching area, complete with putting green, pitching area and sand bunker to teach you all the skills playing good golf requires . 


Get Golf Ready

Get Golf Ready, the name says it all. No one falls out of bed ready to play the game. Getting golf ready isn’t nearly as hard, or as easy as you might think. A little help goes a long way. Five group lessons for $150 take you from the first lesson to the first tee—ready In just a few short lessons Get Golf Ready teaches you what you need to know to play and enjoy playing golf.
Remove the unknowns. Know what to expect and how to act. Your playing partners will thank you for knowing proper etiquette, pace of play and all the little things that make a round of golf enjoyable for everyone.

Tony will show you that there are lots of ways to play our game, by combining fun, camaraderie and golf fitness. Each session focuses on the various golf skills you’ll need to play and practice with a purpose. In addition to learning the basics, you’re introduced to the golf course, putting in play all that you’ve practiced. This guided application of the fundamentals on course is so important to ensure your first experiences are all good. We want you to come back.

There is no equipment needed to Get Golf Ready!

In 5 lessons you learn:

  • Proper warm up & stretching
  • How to hold the club
  • How to prepare mentally & physically to take a swing
  • How to get the ball closer to the hole — chipping, pitching & other shots from short distances
  • How to care for the course
  • Getting comfortable with the full swing
  • How to use your irons to get the ball in the air & onto the green
  • The “lingo,” terms like fairway, rough, tee box, green, divot & bunker
  • How to hit driver & other ‘big’ clubs – hitting the longer shots
  • Starting play from the correct tee markers —TEE IT FORWARD for more fun
  • Tips for playing in groups, on teams & other fun ways to play
  • Course navigation, card driving & riding
  • Review of the rules & keeping score
  • More opportunities for you to come back & play golf



Class Details

Instruction is led by PGA Instructor Tony Emma. There is a maximum of 6 students in the class! Cost is $150.
  • Week 1 – Introduction and Putting Fundamentals
  • Week 2 – Pitching and Chipping Fundamentals
  • Week 3 – Irons and Full Swing
  • Week 4 – Driving and Full Swing
  • Week 5 – Playing the Holes

Spring 2023 Class Dates

      March Saturday Class Schedule

Week 1   February 25;   2:00 pm

Week 2   March 4;         2:00 pm

Week 3   March 11;         2:00 pm

Week 4   March 18;         2:00 pm

Week 5   March 25;         2:00 pm

      April Saturday Class Schedule

Week 1   April 8;         4:00 pm

Week 2   April 15 ;         4:00 pm

Week 3   April 22;      4:00 pm

Week 4   April 29;      4:00 pm

Week 5    May 6;         4:00 pm 

      March Sunday Class Schedule

Week 1   February 26;   1:00 pm

Week 2   March 5;         1:00 pm

Week 3   March 12;         1:00 pm

Week 4   March 19;         1:00 pm

Week 5   March 26;         1:00 pm

      April Sunday Class Schedule

Week 1   April 9;         2:00 pm

Week 2   April 16;          2:00 pm

Week 3   April 23;      2:00 pm

Week 4   April 30;     2:00 pm

Week 5   May 7;           2:00 pm 

Call or Text 702-672-4653 or Click here to reserve your spot!